Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chewing Gum is Bad and LOL Photos

So the other day, I stepped in gum; really sticky, nasty pink gum and I didn't realize it until I put my foot in the car. There was a string of gum leading from the pavement to the floor matt of my car. Grr! I was ticked off. It wouldn't come out with a wipe and when trying to clean it up I managed to get it all over my foot. Sick! Who does that? I grumbled under my breath the whole way home until I witnessed this little interaction.

"Oh hey! You're a lover of all things New Mexican? So am I! We should be friends! 
Look! Our socks match too!"

These two bikers crossed paths at the light and just as I was thinking how funny it was that they were wearing the same jersey, they realized the same thing, stopped and shook hands. It struck me as funny so I snapped a picture and tried to think of a witty caption to go with the photo and send to Matt. That was all I came up with. Matt's the witty one of the family.

That night I found this sticky note on Matt's wardrobe where he found a skirt of Addy's that I must have put there on accident. 

"I swear, the next time you shrink my jeans...."

That made me laugh too.

Then, yesterday, we had concrete poured in our backyard. This provided great entertainment for Addy which was pretty entertaining for me to watch. 

"Can you see me?"


So what's the point of this story? Absolutely nothing except that spitting gum out in the parking lot is the tackiest, laziest, most inconsiderate, thoughtless thing to do and a good laugh might not take gum out of your floor boards but it will definitely change your mood. 

The end :) 

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