Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

Tonight, I am thankful for yet another great weekend in the 505. 

We started our weekend watching some Curious George, with George of course! Who doesn't love Saturday Morning Cartoons? Addy now points at the TV says, "orge! orge!" and pats the couch where she wants to sit. She also loves Curious George books.

Matt was the ultimate DIY'er this weekend and moved/laid 6 tons of rock in our backyard! Phewy! And it wasn't exactly "cool" here this weekend. So, after Addy and I partied it up at a Birthday Party, we stopped by Blake's to get some much needed fuel for our landscaper.

Matt was back at it nice and early Sunday morning and Addy was right beside him. She's such a good helper.

Happy Father's Day! 
Addy, the shoe fanatic, picked out a pair of flip flops for her Daddy.

Not only is our backyard now landscaped but Addy also has hours of entertainment in the rocks.

Addy is cutting her 3rd molar, which is absolutely no fun. She had a runny nose, fever and a pretty bad attitude most of the weekend, so in between playing with the rocks, we did a lot of snuggling. George got some snuggling action too.

My sweet family!

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day and a lovely weekend!

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