Monday, September 10, 2012

Addy is 18 Months Old

Miss Adelyne is 18 months old!
Since 18 months is kind of a milestone, I thought it would be fun to get Mr. Monkey out again for a quick photo shoot.

Addy almost always bumps her head on the changing table when she tries to get her stuffed animals out from the bottom shelf. When I asked her to get Mr. Monkey the other day, she patted her head, shook her head no and pushed me in the direction of Mr. Monkey. I guess she didn't want to hit her head again.

Our photo shoot lastest for about a minute and then she was off doing something else. The easiest way to get her picture these days is to sit her in my lap and snap the pic with my iPhone, where she can see herself. She loves it and usually whenever I am sitting on the floor doing something with my phone, she crawls into my lap expecting to take a picture. I have to say that I love this feature on my phone, though, it's a great way to get pictures of the two of us since I'm usually the only one taking photos in the Danner family.

And yes, she has a little bit of a mullet but we've decided that it's a necessary phase if we ever want her hair to have any length.

I've heard that there is usually a large growth spurt around 18 months and Addy is proving that rumor to be true. She has been sleeping a ton, usually 12 hours or more at night, eating a lot (although she still consumes less than most toddlers) and she's out growing all her clothes. The other day, I put her in a dress to go to Bible Study and didn't realize how short it was until we got home. You could see her floral bloomers even when she wasn't bending over. Oops! I'm going to have to get some legging for that kid, pronto! She has great timing though, wouldn't it be nice if all her growth spurts were at the change of the season when we have to buy new clothes anyway?

"Addy, where's Mr. Monkey?"

Sweet girl, she brings so much joy into our lives. It's hard to believe that half a year ago we celebrated her first birthday and in another half a year we will be celebrating her second.

Happy Half Birthday Adelyne!

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