Friday, September 28, 2012

Five for Fridays

In case you're new, or just curious, Five for Fridays are a fun way for me to love on my hubby. Each week, I list five things that he did during the week, inside jokes or just simple things I love about him. I enjoy thinking about and creating the list each week and even though it might sound cheesy, I am more and more thankful for him with each list I make. 

So here's this week's Five for Friday. You can check out other Five for Friday's here.

1. You have more than one favorite documentary.
2. "Want to go smell the oven with me?'
3. You've been giddy about your new hobby
4. You get excited about hanging out with my parents
5. You thanked me for helping you in the yard this weekend.

P.S. I love you :)

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