Monday, September 24, 2012

Mommy/Addy Date

Sometimes, It's hard to be content. Sometimes I get too wrapped up in busyness, in projects and schedules that I forget how great my life really is and how much I have been blessed. 

The week before last, we were super busy, it seemed like we had something going everyday, which was fun but Addy and I were both tired at the end of it. So, this last week, I decided we would take things slow, no play dates and no huge projects that required a million errands. Play group was cancelled that week so on Friday, since I didn't have a huge list of things to get done, I decided to take Addy to the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens.

We had a great time and it ended up being one of those days where I just felt content and happy; so happy to be spending the day outside with my little lady.

After a quick tour of the aquarium, Addy wasn't that into the fish, we headed over to the Gardens where Addy ate her sandwich in front of the ducks.

I forgot to pack some bread to feed to the ducks so we sacrificed Addy's Cheerios. She didn't seem to mind though. 

I'm pretty sure I heard her say: "Hey duck duck!"

Addy's favorite part was the miniature train where she's just tall enough to reach the button that made the Thomas train go.

Here she is, trying to get a glimpse of Thomas through the fence.

There was a bench in the shade were I was able to sit and watch her. She'd turn around and smile and point at something, come get a snack and then she was back to pushing the button.

She pressed that thing over and over again, until Thomas ran off the track! Seriously, he didn't turn once and he was done. Addy turned around with this worried look on face, through her hands up in the air and ran over to me and climbed on my lap. Kids would walk by and say "Oh no! Thomas is broken!" or "What happened to Thomas," and the whole time I was hoping it wasn't Addy's fault for pushing the button so much. 

She's such a sweetie.

Even though I spend everyday with her, little outings like this where it's just the two of us, are some of my favorites. 

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