Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Take it Back

Well, I take it back. I am 100% over this summer heat. 

Yesterday, we spent our Labor Day working in the front yard. Actually, Matt spent his Labor Day working in the front yard and I spent Addy's nap time out there and after 10 minutes, I decided that its about time for Summer to pack up and leave. It's just too darn hot!

I've had my fill of Summer and now I'm ready for jeans, warm beverages and scarves! 

How's that for being fickle?

Oh well!

I'll leave you with this funny pic of Addy from the weekend. This is right after her nap. She must have taken her pig tails out in her sleep. It's a bit blurry, sorry!

"Addy, how old are you?"

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