Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Addy is 8 Months Old

Miss Adelyne turned 8 months old today.

I guess I should say she is turning 8 months old today since she won't really be 8 months until 6:39 pm this evening. Anyways, tonight we might got out for ice cream to celebrate Addy's dad being employee of the month! Yeah dad!

Here are a few fun facts about our little 8 month old:

She's adventurous and wants to crawl/climb on everything
She gets tired of her toys, sounds ridiculous but when we introduce something new or a toy that hasn't been around for awhile, she gets really excited.
She's perfectly content to play with tubberware
Her hair is starting to grow over her ears
She's a snuggler, she goes and goes but when it's sleepy time, she loves to snuggle
If we'd let her, she would play with our phones all day, especially Grandpa's iPhone
She's a talker
She loves little kids
Instead of crying when I leave the room, she's figured out that she can follow me.
Currently, her two favorite toys are a rubber ducky and the laundry basket, when flipped over, it's the perfect size for her to stand up and play on.



SarahWhitney said...

She is so adorable friend!

Erin said...

she is so stinking sweet! :) I always enjoyed a good laundry basket when I was little too!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Aw she is adorable and I LOVE the name! I also love her little Monkey stuffed animal...too cute

Brittney said...

aw how fun! She is absolutely precious!

Caitlin C. said...

She is absolutely adorable... I had to call my roommate over to see her she is so cute! Happy brithday Adelyne!!

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