Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Partied Like a Rock Star

I think this photo pretty much sums up how we're feeling around her today: tired.

Addy's first Halloween was a blast. (Pictures to come)

But today, we are feeling the aftermath of possibly partying a little too hard.

Addy woke up from a good nap yesterday at 2:30 and didn't go to sleep again until 10:30 last night. She was awake for 8 hours straight and that's like two days in baby time; way to long for this teething, stuffed up, almost 8 month old little girl. By the time I tried to put her down at 9:30 last night, she was spent; over tired and feeling the pain of that tooth. It took over an hour for her to fall asleep and she woke up several times throughout the night. Finally, at 5 O'clock this morning, I brought her to bed with me.

There's definitely a tooth in there!

Matt is at work with a cold and the lack of sleep has me feeling almost like I'm hung over which is kind of funny because after our little get together last night, my kitchen looked a lot like a frat house this morning.

Everyone has a touch of something here in the Danner household. Looks like we might have another low key couple of days ahead. Hopefully that tooth will come through soon and we can all get some sleep and kick these cold symptoms in the butt!


Dani said...

she sure does look happy!!!

Erin said...

She is so cute...I see her tooth! I hope it comes in quick and doesn't keep her in pain. I cannot wait to see pics from Halloween! :)

Marshall said...

She is sooooo precious!! Honestly one of the sweetest little girls i have ever seen! My husband and i want to wait a little longer before we start trying but i must say seeing your little Addy tugs at my heart and makes me not want to wait too long!!

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