Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Holiday at a Time, Please!

(found via Pinterest, of course!)

In an effort to fight my "Winter Blues," I attempted to listen to Christmas music a week and a half early, but I couldn't do it! It just felt....wrong. This may be because I created a Michael Buble Holiday Pandora station. The jury is still out on whether or not I like him. I'll give the guy a second chance on November 25th.

I try not to be legalistic but when it comes to Christmas, rules are rules and I like to follow them. 

At the Danner house, Christmas decor doesn't go up until the day after Thanksgiving and we like to at least let our turkey digest before cranking up the holiday jams. But come Friday morning, you can probably find me singing along to Bing Crosby while decking the halls. That is if I can talk Matt into getting our tree that early. He likes to pretend he's a scrooge and every year he says we aren't having Christmas. But I know that deep down he's a lover of Christmas just like me. He actually surprised me with a tree for our first married Christmas. A true scrooge wouldn't do that.

This year Matt and I have decided to give homemade gifts to each other and a lot of our family members. I've already started on a few (I wouldn't consider this breaking the rules, just being really prepared). But since I have some devoted Life in the 505 readers in my family, I'll have to wait until after Christmas to share my creations. So if it seems a little quite around here for the next couple of weeks, it's because I'm busy playing Santa; making my list and checking it twice.

Happy One-More-Week-Until-Thanksgiving-Day Day!


Nicole said...

Who ever said that it was a rule that you can't celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving? It's not written down or anything. :) I think you can celebrate anytime of the year!

Erin said...

I am right there with ya on waiting till after Thanksgiving! :) It just doesn't feel right!!

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