Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Day Guest Post from Heather

Hello friends and Happy Turkey Day! 
I am super excited to be doing a little Thanksgiving Day post swap with one of my favorite bloggers, Heather from Finding Beauty in the Ordinary. Heather is a treasure, she's beautiful inside and out, loves her hubby and her servant's heart just blows me away. 


Hi Life in the 505 readers!
Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm so excited to be here today.
I just love Katie & her beautiful little family.

As today is Thanksgiving, I wanted to share about the one specific person that I am thankful for today--
my husband of 5 years, Joshua!


It's hard to find the words sometimes to express the love I feel for him.
It's humbling to know that God has given me this man to share forever with.
I'm thankful that Joshua chose me.
Despite my quirks, idiosyncrasies and flaws-- he loves me for me.
You can read more about our story, the highs & lows of the past 5 years, and read our testimony here.
We have been through job losses, moving out-of-state, money problems, death of loved ones, and so many other things together.
He has been a consistently loyal and unconditionally loving person in my life.

Today I'm thankful for the blessing of being married to my best friend.
For the opportunity to wake up next to my most favorite person in the world.
We're not perfect, and we have our flaws, but I'm so thankful to actually grow with him.
I'm thankful for the time we have to better ourselves & grow together with God's help.

Now, hope on over and check out her blog.
You can also find her here and here.


Marian said...

You seem like such a precious couple:) Thanks for sharing:)

Erin said...

They are so dang cute! :) Loved your post Heather and yours Katie! :) Addy is the cutest! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

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