Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Winter Blues

Do you ever get the winter blues?

I usually get a bad case of them in January, when the holidays are over and it's just really cold. For some reason, I've been having some symptoms a little early this year. It's barely the second week of November and I'm freezing! I realize that compared to most of the US, our winters are pretty tame and some might not even call what we are experiencing "cold," but it's still been making me a little grumpy.

What happened to Fall? I want it to come back and stay a little bit longer.

I've been thinking about this all week and I've decided that I need to be proactive in fighting these Winter Blues before they take over and ruin the holiday season.

I am going to get out of my comfort zone, ask other Moms to hang out and maybe join/start a playgroup
Get out of the house, even if it is just to walk through Target

Make some of these so that when I go out, I'll stay warm while looking cute

Create an upbeat play station on Pandora
Be thankful and remember that at this time last year, all I wanted to do on gloomy days was stay home in my PJ's. I could do that now, If I wanted to.
Shop for really good deals on cruises because by the time January gets here, I am going to be ready for this:

 Snuggle with Matt and Addy
Stay in the Word; scripture helps in the fight against even the worst kind of blues.
And I might even break the rules, go against everything I believe in and listen to Christmas music a couple of weeks early. Maybe.

What do you do to beat the winter blues? 


CAM said...

I totally agree... I've been feeling it too!

Anonymous said...

Listen to Christmas music... come on, you can do it. :0)

paige said...

great post & great ideas.
isn't it funny how a trip to target is almost always just what the doctor ordered? :)

little miss adelyne is an absolute doll!

CAM said...

I would love to join a mom's playgroup (although Miles is a bit limited in the playing part)but I don't know of any. I think hanging out with other moms once a week would defiantly help the time go by a bit faster.... you should totally start a playgroup for moms around here (I WOULD TOTALLY JOIN!).

Erin said...

I think a mom's playgroup is a spectacular idea! Target isa magical place that every woman needs to venture to and have some fun. I went today! :) I beat my winter blues (even though we don't really have winters here) by wearing big comfy sweaters with boots! Makes me happy! Staying the Word is an excellent idea too girl!

Jessica Baca said...

Yay!! Super excited about the playgroup! Winter will be great!

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