Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Addy's Room Reveal

Back when I was pregnant and Addy was in the tum tum,
Back when we didn't know she was a she,
Back when we called her Carlos,
We picked out a theme for Baby Danner's nursery and I loved it!

Inspired by a piece of scrapbook paper I had, we choose to go with forest animals. I pictured cute little owls, baby deer and birds with reds, greens, browns and yellow; very gender neutral. My Mom and I made a crib skirt and Matt and I spent an evening painting a tree on the wall as we watched the Fox and the Hound. We were renting at the time and not supposed to do any painting, but we thought we could bend the rules a little to prepare for the arrival of our first child.

And then Miss Addy came into our lives. She's sweet and dainty and she doesn't really belong in the forest. So, when we moved into our new house, we decided to give her a totally new, super girly room.

Here is the grand reveal of Addy's room.
The photos aren't great, I don't own a fancy smanchy camera or any photography skills.

Can you see Addy in there?
I sewed new fabric over the crib skirt I had made with my Mom. There are no close up photos because I put it together really quickly and there are a lot of mistakes.

This chandelier was in the dinning room when we purchased the house. It's not really our style so we spray painted it pink and stuck it in Addy's room.

I crocheted this bunting using a pattern I found on Pinterest

Addy's grandpa made this changing table and I had fun putting together a little collage to go above it.

Here we have Addy's collage featuring her announcement, crocheted flowers, her hospital bracelet and some old family photos.

The pink and white frames were from the Target dollar spot.

The larger white frames were actually in Matt's nursery. I made this with some inspiration from Pinterest.

This is Matt as a baby, Addy looks just like him.

And her room wouldn't be complete without her best friends, Mr. Monkey, George and Mr. Lady Bug.

We're glad to finally have a room completed in the house and we're hoping Addy can grow into it because I don't think either of us are in a big hurry to change it.


coco plum said...

I love it!

WendyE said...

It looks great and very fitting for Miss Addy! She does seam very dainty in her pics. :) And WTG for using your Pinerest knowledge and not letting them it to waste!

Cerrisse said...

Very cute!

cody and carrie said...

AWESOME!! Love the chandelier and she DOES look just like Matt!

Heather said...

!.) I can not believe how amazingly talented you guys are to paint that mural!
2.) Even if you did paint over it, I LOVE the new look for your girly girl! It is PERFECT.
3.) I am absolutely in love with her nursery!

Heather said...

P.S. You look super cute preggo... I think you should have like 10 more kids ;) ;) ;)

Jennifer said...

Aw, what a super sweet room! I love the little touches that you guys added! The chandelier is so adorable!

SarahWhitney said...

It is so perfect for little Addy. She will love it even more as she grows up! You did a wonderful job and you are so creative friend. What a great mommy you are!

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