Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY T-Shirt Flowers

I heard one of those super-organized people on HGTV or TLC say once that every time you buy an article of clothing, you should get rid of one, that way your closet won't look like an episode of Hoarders. I've been pretty good about getting rid of clothing I don't wear anymore because it no longer fits or I just don't like, but I always wish I had the time or the creativity to do something fun with them instead of throwing them out. 

Back when I was a working woman, Matt and I would set aside clothing we no longer wore with the intentions of me turning them into something really cool and really useful but since I never had the time, the pile of clothes would sit in the closest until we cleaned again and then they would be sent to Good-Will. 

Well, now that I am home full-time and with the help of the wonderful site that is Pinterest, I've found a new use for my old t-shirts and the time to put it all together. I turned my old t-shirts into flowers!

Using this turtorial from A Bit of Sunshine, I gathered my old t-shirts and got my DIY on.

I cut the shirts into flower shapes, using a stencil I made out of cardstock paper. I traced along the flower stencil using a black maker. If you are going to do this project, I would recommend using a pencil or something lighter. I had to cover up places where the maker showed later.

 After folding the cut-outs four times, I glued them onto a circular piece of felt. 

To finish the flowers, I hot-glued buttons and pearls to the center.

Aren't they fun?

 For this flower, I used a shirt that had some sort of funny saying on the front and I really like how it gave it a different look.

I loved how easy and inexpensive this project was. The only supplies I had to purchase were the buttons and piece of felt. Cutting out the flowers was a little time-consuming but definitely worth it.

The only problem with a craft like this is that now, I keep scanning my closest to see what else I can turn into flowers. No piece of clothing is safe!

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Earl-Leigh said...

I love fabric flowers and these are very pretty. The last one is my fave!

Megan said...

Pretty! Love the white ones with the blue button ;)

btsoi. said...

What a great way to get rid of old t-shirts! Love those little white flowers with the blue button - a fresh pop of colour!

Marshall said...

First, your daughter is soooo adorable, and second, tyese are awesome! They look perfect to go on a headband!

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