Friday, September 30, 2011

Balloon Fiesta Eve

Ah Friday! Friday is such a cheery day. Wouldn't you agree?

This Friday seems a little bit more cheery than usual around these parts.

Tomorrow morning is the first day of the Balloon Fiesta and everyone is acting like it's the night before Christmas. I think it's great. I love seeing status updates on Facebook about seeing balloons in the air, finding good breakfast burrito recipes and little kiddos saying "balloon" for the first time. It's a fantastic time of year!

Balloon Fiesta 2010

We live within walking distance from the Balloon Park so we will have a front row seat all week long. You might be seeing a lot of balloon photos from me this week, just a heads up.

Speaking of photos, Addy and I had a little photo session in the park yesterday and I've decided that I have the happiest baby in the world. Her nose has been all stuffed up for four days straight but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her.

I'm so lucky to be her momma.

Happy Friday Friends! I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous you are so close to the Balloon Fiesta! My mom & MIL both rave about it-and I want to go so badly! Take lots of pictures :)

Kelli Diane said...

That picture is SO cute! I love her outfit! :)

Mom said...

Fun props....and Addy looks like she's having fun! Julie will love it.

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