Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October!

Today is the first day of October and the first day of the Balloon Fiesta. 

This is also the first October in 3 years that Matt won't have to spend the weekends studying. We are so excited for this fall.

Addy woke us up early this morning and we watched the balloons come up over our neighbor's house. Then, we walked to breakfast and to a sweet little boy's first Birthday party. I think we walked a total of three miles today.

This was the view on our walk this morning. I live in the coolest place!

We're taking Addy and cousin Carter to see the balloons tomorrow and we're super excited for their first Fiesta together. What fun times!

Happy October
Happy Balloon Fiesta Week
Happy Fall!


Kelli Diane said...

oh my gosh this is so cool!! where do you live? I have never heard of this before!

Anonymous said...

That looks super awesome!!!

Mom said...

Yes, what fun times! Happy October to you too...wish we were there!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww looks like a super awesome fun time!! :D

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