Monday, October 17, 2011

I Have a Problem

Hello, I'm Katie and I can't complete a project.

I have a problem and I blame Pinterest.

My problem is that I can't commit and I believe that Pinterest is at fault here.

Take my growing "crochet project" board for instance. It started out so innocent, I would pin something I wanted to try, a stitch that would come in handy. Now it's out of control! I want to try it all, every pin on my board. And it's not just this board, I have other boards too.

But I can't commit. 

I get a few hours to myself, like last Saturday night while Matt was hanging out with friends, Addy was asleep. What a great time to catch up on my favorite shows and do a little crocheting. (Yes, I'm boring but that's another issue.) So I sit down with my yarn and needles, head to Pinterest and scroll through the items I've pinned, but I can't pick. I can't decide what to spend my time on. Finally I settle on a simple cowl, perfect for the upcoming cold season.  But now, what yarn do I use

Well turns out I picked a difficult yarn for that pattern and, actually, that pattern is no good. Who cares that I've already spent half an hour on it. That's the great thing about crocheting, you can take it out and you haven't wasted anything. Let's pick something else!

Ooh! Another scarf pattern! Three rows and another half hour into it.... eh, I'd rather work on something else. I pull it out and hey, isn't that the great thing about crocheting? Nothing wasted!

Except my time and patience!

I can't commit! 

This weekend, while in Colorado, I spent about two hours every night crocheting. It was lovely, except the only thing I have to show for it is ONE slipper. I couldn't even commit to making the second slipper. Grrr!

Seriously people, I need an intervention!

So, the first step is admitting you have a problem right?

Step one: check!

Next step: develop a plan of action.

I need a list. I'm good with lists. 

I need a list where I list projects in order of importance and urgency. Things like the fall yarn wreath, I still haven't finished, will go on the top of the list along with things that need to be completed by, like, Halloween. Next will be items for Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.

And I might need to take a little break from Pinterest. Just a little one. I might actually have time to complete something if I'm not on Pinterest finding other projects.

I'm hoping this helps, if not, there's no hope for me.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this problem.

P.S. I'm guest posting at Behind the Scenes today. Check it out!


Sunny Vanilla said...

You should crochet a bunch of those little flowers {in the pic above}. They're adorable. I crocheted a blanket before my daughter was born and it turned out so bad I turned it into a washcloth...LOL.

Erin said...

Ha ha what a funny post :) I have problems with this sometimes too!

Anya Rudn said...

Well good thing is that you have realized your problem!! lol ;)Yaa i am the same way =/


Nimue said...

Haha, I totally recognise your problem, I have the same one! I have about a hundred DIY idea's for necklaces and artwork on my pinboards and than I haven't yet considered all the recipes I need to try out ;)


Karen said...

I'm sorry, but reading this post made me feel so! Many years ago I would knit away and had more sweaters than I want to admit to with a back, front, and ONE sleeve. I stopped making large knitted items because I was so eager to get started on a new project. The internet does offer us so many creative choices. Hope you get the other slipper made up!

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