Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Addy is 7 Months Old!

Sweet Adelyne turned 7 months old on Sunday.

She celebrated her birthday in Pagosa Springs, CO, where she had many firsts; her first snow, first taste of green beans and her first time sitting in a high chair like a big girl.

Mr. Monkey, who doesn't like to miss a photo session, made the trip up to Colorado too.

 Matt found this awesome pink chair at the house we were renting

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me Grandma and Chief!



Mandy said...

She is adorable, Katie! And, I love love love the family photos in your header. You guys are beyond beautiful.

Sunny Vanilla said...

So glad you stopped by! Happy birthday to your little girl...she looks so happy! I remember when my little one turned seven months. She's 14 months now, but it feels like yesterday :-)

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

What an adorable baby girl! Happy 7 months to your precious little sweetie. Jeez, you are so blessed. She is just too cute!


coco plum said...

She is such a sweet & happy baby!

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