Friday, October 14, 2011

15 Things Friday

I don't really have 15 things for you today, I just couldn't come up with a number that started with an "F" that wasn't as high as 50

I don't know if it's because it's Friday or what but I'm in a funny mood, a good mood. One of those sing really loud in the car and dance along to the ipod as I wash dishes kind of mood. 

I'm feeling chatty. 

If my Mom we're here, I'd be talking her ear off because she's easy to talk to and a really good listener.

This 3 day week is really throwing me off. I'm not complaining, I loved getting out of town but 3 days wasn't enough for all the stuff on my to-do list this week.

After many failed attempts, I successfully made an omelet for the first time today. I immediately sent a pic to my sister-in-law whose yummy omelets I've been trying to immulate for weeks. This is not my omelet, my omelet didn't really look that good after I saw the pic on my computer. This is a "someday" omelet.


I have Foster the People's new song Pumped Up Kicks stuck in my head. Why does such a catchy tune have to be about such a sad topic. School shootings.... really?

As of last night, I've been obsessed with burlap. Matt and I are in the process of making our house more of a home and when I suggested making pillows out of burlap, he was totally on board. Burlap was never really on my radar before but when I find something we both really like, I tend to run with it. Think of the possibilities! Burlap pillows, burlap bows, burlap wreaths! Oh my!

I've been working on this yarn wreath for almost two weeks. I've completed the tedious part, wrapping the yarn but the crocheted flowers don't look as good as I thought.


These fun socks were only a dollar at Target last week and when I went back they were on CLEARANCE! Woo hoo! Yeah for fall and fun socks!

Addy is doing this thing now where she lays her head on my shoulder when she is super tired and it's the sweetest thing ever! Sometimes, after I feed her at night, I stay in her room rocking with her asleep on my shoulder, savoring those precious times.

And that's all folks! If you read this far, I applaud you.

Oops! One more thing, did anyone else watch Tim Allen's new show "Last Man Standing?" Were we the only ones who thought it was almost EXACTLY like "Home Improvement?" Only, this time around, he has 3 daughters... something to think about.

Happy Friday All!



Perry said...

We watched last man standing, pretty funny! You should check out "houdini" by Foster the people

Miss Prudence said...

Maybe make the flowers a cluster of flowers...
well done on the omlette, it truly is an art.

PaisleyJade said...

Love burlap too - must find some to make some pillows as well!! Loving your list - have a fabulous weekend!!

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