Thursday, October 27, 2011

Now I Know

Well, after months of drooling and a lot of "maybe she's teething" from her parents, Addy is finally getting her first tooth and let me tell you how fun it IS NOT!

I've heard that teething can be rough, but maybe I always thought other Moms were just being dramatic. Now I know. It's awful. 

Guess what happens when you take a baby to the grocery store in blue pants... everyone tells you how cute he is.

The pain of pushing a new tooth through those tiny gums is enough. Do we really need to add a stuffy/runny nose to it? Poor thing. She had a pretty rough night last night. The last time she cried like that was after her 6 month shots. 

On the move

The only upside to teething is the extra snuggle time, which we've had a lot of. I've been fighting off a little cold too, so yesterday, by Dr. Dad's orders, we took advantage of the cloudy weather, stayed in our PJ's extra long and took lots of naps.

Goodness Child, what is all over you pants?

Today will probably be pretty low-key too. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping Addy takes good naps, but I'm also prepared to snuggle if it comes to that. With crawling and teething, it's been a pretty big week for our little one.

Happy Thursday.

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Erin said...

Aw poor sweet Addy! Good thing she has such a sweet mom to take care of her! :)

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