Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall in the 505

Fall has definitely come to our neck of the woods and we're loving it!

This season is different in New Mexico. While most of the country is admiring the changing leaves, we're roasting green Chile and spotting hot-air balloons.

I've said it several times this week, but Fall is really great here in the 505.

It's that wonderful time of year in between the brutally hot summer and the drab of winter. 

Katie, Matt and Baby Danner - Balloon Fiesta 2010

It's a time for layering, because it's cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon.

The Danner's - Halloween 2009

It's a time of anticipation and planning for the holidays to come.

My favorite tree outside of our condo

And in the past, for my hard-working hubby, it's been a season spent in the law library, studying for tests and counting down the days till graduation. This year is different though, this year we're spending weekends as a family. 

We're enjoying lazy Saturdays working on the house and watching football. We're taking adventures to the Balloon Fiesta and experiencing our first Fall as a family of three.

Balloon Fiesta 2011

What is Fall like where you're from?

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Jessica Lynn said...

Fall is here in Italy, and we even have mountains that mimic the Sandias. It's gorgeous and the sky is blue, but I've been waking up hoping to catch a glimpse of a balloon. Unfortunately, despite great weather conditions, there are no balloons here. There's definitely no place like home, especially in the fall!

JRuud said...

Looks like fun!! I love fall and those balloons are amazing.

Love your blog :)

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