Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Exciting Moment

Addy had an exciting moment this evening. Actually, I think it was more exciting for her Mom and Dad than for her.

Matt was lying on the floor playing with Addy. She was facing him and kind of rocking back and forth trying to get closer to his face. I was at the table eating my dinner, watching them play and all of a sudden she put her hands on his chest and lifted her body up onto her legs! She might have stayed in that position longer if Matt and I weren't both screaming at her saying "Oh my goodness Addy! Look at you!" 

She did it again a couple of times after that, balancing herself on Matt and her legs. 

We thought she was going to start crawling a week ago but she has been working on something a little bit closer to a bear crawl. I don't know if her exciting moment was just apart of her bear crawl or if she really thinks she can just skip over that step. I hope not!

So that's our exciting moment for the weekend. We also went to the Pumpkin Patch today and guess who forgot her camera. Bummer! Hopefully our friends photos came out well.

Thanks for letting me brag about my girl a little bit. Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Addy!!! I would have been screaming at her, too! What a big day :)

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