Monday, October 3, 2011

Addy and Cousin Carter's First Balloon Fiesta!

We woke up at 5:30 am yesterday morning and for once, we were the ones waking Addy up. After feeding Addy and making sure she was snug as a bug in her stroller we headed out to the Balloon Fiesta.

Up and ready to go before the sun!

We live about three miles from the Balloon Park so instead of sitting in traffic for what would probably be close to an hour, we decided to get there on foot. It only took us 40 minutes and it was actually really enjoyable. I had thought Addy would sleep on the way there but she was wide awake the whole time.

We got to the park just in time for the Mass Assention.

Addy was THRILLED to get out of her stroller and wouldn't stay still. She talked and giggled the entire time. I think she liked all the people more than the balloons.

I'm not too sure Cousin Carter was as excited to be up that early, but he sure did look cute! Have you ever seen a cuter raccoon?

"Carter, there's a raccoon on your head!"

With so many things to look at, Addy didn't stop moving. It made taking a family photo a little challenging.

The Danner's, Balloon Fiesta 2011

All that energy Addy had only lasted about half and hour and then both her Carter crashed.

Those sleepin' babies missed all the special shape balloons. That's OK though, we really only went for the fun pictures. They'll enjoy it more next year and some day, we'll tell them how much fun us adults had at their first Balloon Fiesta.


coco plum said...

They are too cute!

Mom said...

Absolutely love these photos! So much fun! And Addy's hat is adorable! You did such a good job on it!!

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