Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If You Don't Have An iPhone.....

.......You can't take pictures of the silly things you see and the funny places you go.

Really the only reason I want an iPhone is so that I can take pictures of anything, anywhere and anytime ( and so I can play Words with Friends). 

If I had an iPhone, I would have taken a picture of the fireplace tables we saw while furniture shopping last night. Picture a buffet with an electric fireplace in the bottom. The weird thing was that it didn't put off any heat and was really only for ambiance. The salesman said they were so popular he couldn't keep them on the floor. Weird!

But the real story in our furniture shopping adventure was in Matt's awesome negotiating skills. We went in looking for a table to go under our TV and walked out with a couch and a table for less 1000 bucks! Way to go Matt! (and Addy, I think she smiled at the salesman).

After our furniture shopping, we picked up some din din at Mac's Steak in the rough.

I stole this picture from Google.

Mac's is a drive in restaurant, much like Sonic. When you push the button to order, you hear: "Hi I'm Mac and this is Mac's Steak in the Rough." He goes on to say something about how he always has one of his homemade limeades or lemonades with his meal. Matt and I both chose the limeade and it was pretty tasty!

So there you have it, a recap of our funny little outing last night, without the use of modern technology :)


Erin said...

Ha ha I am obsessed with my's a problem really :)

The Creative Place said...

I keep telling my hubby I want an iphone for the same reason- so I can take pictures any where, any time. And use Instagram. And post it to twitter, fb, etc. Although I don't even know how to post pictures (from my phone) to fb or twitter or anything--- I don't even have a data plan, lol. Maybe one day ;) I'm behind on the times I guess ;)

Stephanie said...

I feel bad...I've been wanting to upgrade my iphone because of the better camera cuz I'm always taking pictures with it! I should so just be thankful I even have one! Yep.

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