Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beauty Unveiled GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Today is a special day in the 505 because today I am hosting my very first giveaway!

In an effort to grow the gifts God has given her, my sweet friend, Erica, recently opened an Etsy shop called Beauty Unveiled

Here's what Erica told me about her shop:

"My Pastor recently gave me a book called "The Creative Call" by Janice Elshiemer and I had no idea that it would be wrecking in the best way possible. It made me realize that I was an artist. Not just any old artist, but Jesus' very own artist. And that when I create something it's not me thinking and creating, it's the Holy Spirit through me. Sometimes I think I can do things on my own, you know? Sometimes I think that I'm the creative one but when I truly sit and ask Jesus to create through me- I get thrust into a deeper communion with the Ultimate Creator and get to co-create with the Guy who created it all. Creativity exploded in me and I just had all this stuff that I had made... just sitting there. So to continue this journey of knowing God's heart more deeply, I started my Etsy store, Beauty Unveiled, so I could boldly share Jesus' creativity in the most "me" way I could."

If you click on over to her shop, you can see she has talent and a sophisticated, classic taste. She also loves to co-create! She was one of my favorite crafting buddies when we lived in the same town and today she has generously agreed to give this pretty black and white floral headband to one of YOU! Isn't that nice of her?

So to enter this giveaway,

Make sure you are follower of my blog,

Visit Erica's shop,

And leave a comment telling me which item is your favorite.

You will have until Monday September 5th to enter. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday.

Be sure to visit her Facebook page and leave her some love.

Good luck!


cody and carrie said...

i LOVE the "Sweet Gray and Yellow Headband" and must have it! PLEEEEEEASE pick me :)

SarahWhitney said...

I love the Floral Sage Head wrap!!! How fun!

Cerrisse said...

The sweet spring time hair pin is so cute!

Betsy said...

The 'sweet pea floral headwrap' is my favorite!!

CAM said...

I think what Erica is doing is so great! All of her hair things are so beautiful! I love the Silver Floral Bobbies... can totally see them in my hair!

Janelle said...

Hi! My Name is Janelle! I saw the comment that you left over at casey' came to check you out! Love your blog! Glad to follow another young christian momma, like myself! I have a blog too....if you have a minute check it's

Janelle said...

I love the black and white simple, but beautiful!

Janelle said...

oops I guess it black and cream headband not white!

Stephanie said...

I love what Erica had to say about her shop and the reason for her inspiration! I'd be delighted by anything she makes just knowing her heart.

Courtney Taylor said...

Sassy senorita hair clip in champagne and black is my fave! Cute stuff!

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