Friday, August 19, 2011

Praying for the Pelton's

 A sweet family we knew in school has been up in the 505 for the past couple of weeks anticipating the arrival of their sweet baby boy, whom they knew would be born with disabilities. They knew that with his birth, their life would drastically change but they chose to embrace this change and prepare to welcome their sweet baby into the world.

When Jude Matthew was born on Monday morning, they learned that he would face even more challenges than they had anticipated. They received bad news on top of bad news. He would need open heart surgery, but before that, surgery on his little brain because he had undergone a stroke. They had to move hospitals, functioning on very little sleep and all the while, Mandy, Jude's sweet Mom, was recovering from an emergency C-section.

Several times they have been given the option to take him off life support and make him "as comfortable as possible" or continue to fight for his life. They have continually chosen to give him a chance at life.

I've been following Mandy's blog this week, which she has been diligent about updating amongst all the chaos, and I have been blown away by her faith in this tough, tough situation. Her and her family are hurting but each post is filled with so much praise.

We spent some time in the NICU when our baby girl was born and although our situation was totally different, we understand how hard it can be. We were so thankful for the many encouraging emails, texts and facebook posts we received. Knowing that people were praying for our baby to get better was such an encouragement and I know the Pelton's have felt the same way. In her most recent post this morning, Mandy said that she was going to read all the comments filled with prayer and scripture to Baby Jude. Isn't that sweet?

So, if you have a minute, visit Mandy's blog. It will inspire you. And pray for baby Jude, Mandy, her husband Brandon and their (almost) 5 year old son, Caleb. Send some encouraging words their way, I know they appreciate it.


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