Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Try This At Home

I am all about finding fun, money saving projects online and love to get tips from other bloggers, so here's a tip on a project to avoid. Seriously, don't try this at home.

I found this tutorial on how to turn an old bath towel into a bath mat and I thought "hey, I could do that!" I had two old bath towels and only needed the matting, which cost like two bucks. What a cheap, easy, resourceful project! Super excited to get my DIY on, I told almost everyone about it and what a great idea I thought it was. I could just hear the compliments from my house guests, telling me how happy their feet were to get out of the shower and step onto a soft, fluffy rug. "And you made that?" They would say in awe.

Well, about twenty minutes into this project, with little pieces of my dark blue towel all over the floor and only a corner of the rug completed, I decided I didn't really care about how happy the feet of my house guests were.

This project was taking up way to much of my precious nap time and I wasn't that happy with the results. The towel was really hard to cut into and it turned out to be a super messy project. So now, I have one and half old blue bath towels and a whole lot of gridded matting. Is it bad if I just throw it all away? At least I tried right?

Good thing I wasn't entering one of those Pinterest Challenges, because I would have seriously failed.


Jessica Lynn said...

This is hilarious, because it's totally something I would do (love it, tell people about it, start it, and rather take a nap instead)! What a bummer that it takes so long!

Stephanie said...

I would so rather nap too! And you SO get credit for trying!! :)

SarahWhitney said...

It is the thought and your attempt that matters! I would have thought that the same thing as you, but that towel link is a MESS!

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