Monday, August 29, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

Happy Monday Morning!

A few miscellaneous things to start the week:

1. I am hosting my first giveaway! Enter here
2. Matt found my ipod this weekend! It's a million years old, white with the little turn dial thing and doesn't hold a charge but I love it! All the music on it is super old too but at one point I spent a lot of money buying those songs and when I thought I had lost it forever, it made me sad.
3. Addy and I listened to my "Morning Worship Music(upbeat)" play list while eating breakfast. I made that play list when I was in school and I had to walk a long ways to class every morning.
4. I miss those good ol' school days sometimes
5. Today begins my new lifestyle. I'm joining Matt on the Paleo diet. Goodbye sweet cookie stash and handfuls of potatoes chips for lunch, hello tuna for breakfast.
6. Tuna for breakfast? Yuck!
7. As a part of my new lifestyle, I am also trying to fit some exercise into my daily routine. Thankfully, it's starting to get a little cooler here so Addy and I can go on a walk and not have to get up at the crack of dawn to beat the heat.
8. I am hoping that the changes in my eating habits and the little bit of exercise will give me more energy and maybe help me fit into my winter clothes.
9. Don't forget to enter the Beauty Unveiled Giveaway!

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Mom said...

You go girl!! I'm going to get serious about exercise too!

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