Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a PINK Christmas!

Linking up again with Gussy Sews. Each week she sends out an inspirational prompt to build a blog post around and then link back to her site. It's a great way to get the creative juices flowing and meet other bloggers. This week's prompt was "Your Favorite Color." Can you guess what my favorite color is?

I realize it's only August and we have months to go before we should even start thinking about Christmas (I have a strict no-Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving rule), but I couldn't help but get a little excited while we were at Hobby Lobby the other day picking up some last minute items for Addy's room. They had the cutest ornaments for mini trees and I have decided that Addy will need her own pink Christmas tree this year. And if Matt would let me, I would totally do an all pink Christmas, but since there's no way that will happen let's have fun dreaming shall we?

First things first, we will need a tree,

Or maybe two or three.

Source: via Lizz on Pinterest

And some stockings hung by the chimney with glee

Or maybe some boots instead, either is fine with me.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

A wreath for the front door

And presents galore!

Oh, and I forgot my favorite thing....

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

The ornaments sparkling...

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Hidden among the tree.

If you could decorate your tree in any color, what would it be?

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anne said...

I seriously love these pictures. Pink for Christmas is so whimsical and retro. I adore the tree in the first one.

Pam said...

Love it! My daughter has a pink tree at Christmas time in her room. And we do a white tree with all those candy colors.

Shelly of The Daisy Diaire's! said...

Hi miss Katie!
The tree in your first picture is fabulous! Love it!
Great Inspiration!
Shelly xo

Anonymous said...

A pink Christmas... That sounds PERFECT!!! Love the inspiration photos. Are you one of those fun gals who starts dreaming of Christmas in the summer time? ;0)

Manda Jane said...

i love your pink christmas ideas and inspiration! all of them! I do have a pink tree for one room... but I think I could have a pink Christmas if it looked like this!

Cerrisse said...

Love this girly Christmas idea :) Coming over from Gussy. New follower :)

Stesha said...

I have a pink tree in my home. I am collecting stuff all the time for it. But these pics are AMAZING!!!!! I want to steal al the ideas for my house this year. Just LOVE! fabulous blog!!


Classic & Bubbly

Sarah said...

I <3 this! Also thank you so much for your encouraging words about my Proverbs 31 post! Means a lot :) God Bless!

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