Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Day in the Life

I'm linking up again with Gussy Sews. I was excited for this week's prompt, "A Day in the Life," until I started to pick apart my day for this post. I hesitated in posting it, not wanting people to know how much time I really spend online or how late it usually is before I get a shower, if I even get a shower. I'm embarrassed that besides pushing a cart around at Target, there is not a bit of exercise in my daily routine and I often go the whole day without spending time in prayer. There are good things about my daily routine though and I think that 6 months or a year from now, I will be happy I documented this small part of our daily lives. 

3:30 am
"Has she really not woken up yet?"

4:00 am
"Maybe I should go check on her?"

4:30 am
I hear her stir, "Ah she is alive!" I head to her room by the glow of the night light and without saying a word, I nurse her. I try to burp her and she falls asleep on my shoulder

4:52 am
Its back to sleep for both of us

7:15 am
I can hear her through the monitor, but she's not crying. I find her playing with her blanket in her crib. When she sees me, she kicks her legs really fast and greets me with a huge smile. What a great way to start the day! She eats, I change her diaper and then we head to the kitchen.

7:55 am
My phone chimes with a new text, the Breakfast Baffle trivia question that I never read but am too lazy to have them stop sending. This reminds Matt that he has to get out the door. He kisses his girls goodbye and heads to work.

8:00 am
With Addy playing on the floor, I fix my breakfast; cheerios with bananas and a cup of coffee, check my email and Facebook and read a couple blogs.

8:30 am
Addy and I move to the bedroom. She sits up in the Boppy on the bed as I get ready

8:50 am
She falls asleep in the Boppy with her lovey

9:00 am
We're out the door and headed to Target

9:10 am
We walk into Target amongst the few other customers out that early. We walk up and down almost every isle, making sure we don't miss anything good. After all, we haven't been there since last week. Addy dozes in and out of sleep and I take my time, not wanting to return home before her "nap time" is over.

9:30 am
Addy's car seat quickly becomes overrun with all the goodies I've found

10:00 am
The cashier rings up our items, I spend way too much money and as the buyer's remorse sets in, I realize we will be back again this week to return some items.

10:15 am
After a quick stop at Lowe's, we're headed home and Addy's asleep in the backseat.

10:30 am
We pull into the garage. After a quick chat with my neighbor, we head inside and it's time for Addy to eat again.

11:10 am
After feeding Addy, it's momma's turn to eat. She tries to help me fix a sandwich.

11:30 am
She watches as I empty the dishwasher and clean up around the kitchen

12:00 pm
Addy starts to rub her eyes... nap time! I carry her into her room, swaddle her up, give her a kiss and close the door. 

12:10 pm
Time to get stuff done. I check my email and Facebook before diving into bills that need to be paid and other items on my "To Do" list

1:30 pm
It's time for Addy to eat again but she's still sleeping hard. I decide to let her sleep another half an hour

2:00 pm
Addy is not happy to be woken up, which makes me think she could sleep longer. But doctor's orders: feed her every 3 hours. I feed her and we play a little.

3:00 pm
Starting to get cranky, Addy goes down for a late afternoon nap.

4:00 pm
She is up again and I give her the pacifier multiple times to stretch out the time before I feed her again.

4:35 pm
She can't wait any longer so she eats again

5:15 pm
Matt comes home. Addy sits on the counter in the bumbo as he prepares (a delicious) dinner and I clean up around the kitchen and we talk about our days

6:30 pm
Dinner with friends

9:00 pm
After our guests leave, I put Addy down and she quickly falls asleep. "Wow that was easy."

9:30 pm
I hear her crying through the monitor. The little Houdini had managed to wiggle out of her swaddler. After trying to lull her back to sleep, I give up and feed her again. 

9:45 pm
We're both drifting off to sleep

2:00 am
Somebody's awake and another day begins.

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Bethany said...

So sweet! My big ol' boy never even fit into his bumpo. lol

Sarah B. said...

Awww, I love this post! Addy is absolutely CUTE! I'm sure she's going to be a heart-breaker someday :) Stopping by from Gussy!

Anonymous said...

so cute! i realized i wasn't following your blog...sad :( i am now! can't wait to read more friend!

Heather Irene said...

Sounds like a pretty great day! Stopping by via Inspiration Workshop. Addy is too cute! Love all of her expressions!

The Duty's said...

sounds like a good day to me!! i LOVE target!!! i always spend way too much money there as well!! it's just so hard not to!! your little girl is SO cute and i love the name Addy!

KO said...

That is fantastic!!!!!! You and Addy are quite the team!!!!!

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